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We welcome you to our homepage!

Here you get an insight into our hobby breeding. Furthermore, we inform you here about new litters and other news.


We are breeders for Siberian cats in the south-east of Münsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia and are members of a reputable and recognized cat breeding club. Our kittens thus get a pedigree that certifies their purebred nature.

Cats are our favorite animals and our great passion. They are not only our friends but members of our family! All fur noses grow up with our children and have a lot of fun together!

We breed the "Siberian cat" breed in its original form, without crossing other breeds and the point variant "Neva Masquerade".

We love the wild natural coloring of the "Siberian cat" and we find that this suits the type of this breed best.

In the other sections on this page you can get to know our cats and their litters. We wish you a lot of fun!

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